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Making a major change in a business process can be overwhelming. The “what-ifs” can drive you absolutely crazy. There comes that point in time when you realize that you need to make that move forward. If you wait for the perfect time then you will be waiting forever.

In a fast paced changing business environment marked by high volume transactions, rapid corporate growth, significant industry competition and the ongoing threat of fraud and undesirable transactions, using manually completed audits and data analysis can be quite time consuming and prone to errors. Furthermore, an audit carried out 1 month after fraud has occurred is only good for retrospective action.

Our custom data solutions works with real-time analytics to give you an unprecedented view of all your company transactions and operations as they happen.


business operations

Studying the business processes and identifying the key data structures.

Creating a
data warehouse

Consolidating data from key business systems into a single repository.

Scripting for

Scripting the developed analytics workflows for automated, continuous analysis.

Carrying out
data analysis

Using various tools and algorithms to carry out the analysis as per the client’s specification.

Setting up
automated analysis

Setting up the solution for long term, automated and continuous data analysis while also performing specific analysis tasks as required.

Reporting and

Sharing analysis results via reports and dashboard structures that will specify actionable tasks in line with objectives of the analysis project.

This typically describes a standard, long term analytics solution for a company that wants to keep a close eye on its business operations. At all stages of the analysis, a preliminary report will be available that will detail the key observations and insights from the data at that point.


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