About us

"In God we trust.
All others must bring data."
W. Edwards Deming
Statistician, professor, author and consultant.


Search queries on
Google every second


Increase in operating
margins for retailers
harnessing big data


Only, of all generated
data is ever analysed.

Tribase Labs is a subsidiary of Tribase Technologies, a Kenyan company first registered in 2012 offering innovative solutions that encompass data analysis, system audits and cloud based applications.

We are passionate about what we do, and we believe that our passion translates to better service delivery, greater attention to detail, more innovative products and a fantastic customer experience. Our know-how in computer servers and data-center management, cloud systems and analytics will help you take your business to the next level of competitiveness.

Guarantee on Quality

Here at Tribase Labs, we see what others do not, challenge traditional thinking and constantly provide innovative solutions for our clients

Innovative solutions

We develop highly custom solutions that aim to automate as much as possible, while providing a secure and reliable way for our clients to closely track their business operations.

Privacy and safety

Your data is safe with us. We are contractually bound to treat all client data with the highest level of confidentiality, security and privacy.

Skilled team

We are fortunate to have a talented team here at Tribase Labs. Data analysts, server and database administrators, cybersecurity experts, system auditors,  compliance and quality control officers are some of the skills we have in our midst. You are in safe hands with us.

Valued clients

Our clients are our biggest resource. We have been in business for more than 8 years now and we have an extensive and diverse portfolio of ‘repeat business’ and long term contract clientele behind us.

Research and development

Technology changes quickly. That’s why we don’t allow ourselves to get comfortable. We value our research work where we investigate the newest algorithms, software and hardware that will offer value to you and your company.


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